Get Your Medical Marijuana Card, We Can Help!

Cannabis Dispensary located in Grandview, Missouri

Welcome to Progressive Osteopathic Therapies, home to Doc Mac and the beginning of your natural healing journey.

A Full Service Missouri Cannabis Clinic

Compassionate Care

This medical cannabis clinic was established to provide access to a board certified physician who can assist patients with cannabis recommendations, while providing compassion and convenience to our patients. We strive to provide compliant services and resources to all patients.

Healing The Body, Mind & Soul

If you are growing weary of pharmaceuticals and are looking for a way to heal your mind, body and soul, cannabis could be an option for you. Our physician can help you address your needs and guide you along your journey. We will ensure that patients are confident and comfortable with their plan.

Our Promise To Our Patients

In order to provide our patients and their caregivers the highest level of care, we will remain compassionate, patient, and understanding and we will provide our patients and their families with the knowledge and resources they need to be confident in their cannabis journey.

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