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Cannabis Dispensary located in Grandview, Missouri

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Josh Tibbetts
    03/24/2022 02:47 AM
    I absolutely loved this shop the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the security guard was pretty helpful as well with getting my cards pulled up on my phone! I didn't catch my bud tenders name but he definitely made it an enjoyable experience I will most definitely be returning!
  • Justin w Johnson sr
    03/21/2022 06:38 AM
    Best Dispenser I've been to in Missouri with Amazing Customer service an very knowledgeable of all products an plus they look out for US Veterans 🇺🇸 😀 👌
  • Rashad McCall
    03/15/2022 09:15 PM
    Every time I come in the staff is amazing! Today, I bought 2 of each flavor Wynk THC & Seltzer - Lime Twist, Black Cherry Fizz, and Juicy Mango. They deliver as promised! Crisp & refreshing, they’re perfect for the warmer days ahead… looking forward to making a Mango Wynk slushie, mixing up my version of a Cherry Lime-aide, and exploring different flavor combos 😉
  • Diego Gutierrez
    11/12/2020 08:40 PM
  • Mia Gutierrez
    11/12/2020 09:09 PM
    Great experience here! Doc Mac is super helpful and makes the process so easy. Very responsive and always more than willing to answer any questions I have. Highly recommend!
  • Loren McEntire
    11/12/2020 09:12 PM
    High quality product, great location and customer service! Looking forward to the grand opening!
  • Leigh Carr
    11/14/2020 01:51 PM
    Knowledgeable staff and great quality products!
  • Joe Pollard
    11/23/2020 01:37 AM
    Super friendly staff and over all a very clean and spacious area. great location just off the highway!!!! Can't wait for the Grand Opening!!!!
  • Nysmoe
    11/27/2020 11:06 AM
    Super chill dispensary with friendly owners. The place is also very clean and well kept with great product. Looking forward to the grand opening
  • Maggie Weichert
    11/28/2020 03:42 AM
    Omgggg....way way better than others opened recently..... Long time user.....a long time advocate... Allergic to lots of pain medications... Recommend this place to everyone... Spend your money local!!!