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Cannabis Dispensary located in Grandview, MO

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Vidal Romero
    02/12/2024 10:42 PM
  • Leslie Petty
    02/09/2024 11:13 AM
    I think this dispensary is very well put together, everyone is nice, and quick. Usually I am always in the drive thru because it's always 24 hours 🥰 and perfect for someone with social anxiety like myself! I like the prices, and deals; too. You should be happy!
  • Rod Babcock
    02/08/2024 05:55 PM
    The 24-hour drive-thru pick up for on-line orders makes this the most convenient dispensary by far - and they have an awesome, very helpful, super friendly staff too also as well
  • John Landry
    02/08/2024 05:37 PM
  • Caleb Jones
    02/07/2024 09:17 PM
    Mitchell Alexander helped me with a defective product today and went above and beyond making sure I was taken care of. Love Releaf for the staff and the prices!
  • Yvonne Hall
    02/04/2024 10:53 PM
    Love the selections and staff.
  • Abbey Reed
    02/03/2024 03:00 AM
  • Jenn K Jones
    01/30/2024 03:19 AM
    Very friendly very helpful owner was very nice two thumbs up
  • Christopher Posten
    01/29/2024 03:21 AM
    everything is right about this place.
  • yannick benavides
    01/28/2024 03:02 AM
    Love this place! Shout out to the whole staff here always so helpful especially Vidal always taking care of me and making sure I get the meds I need with ease! ReLeaf for the win!!