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Sinse LemonHeads – Popcorn

The infamous Lemon G clone has spawned some of the most flavorful lemon peel hybrids to date. And this one is no exception. A limited release for the true heads looking to hunt for the best of the best. A match made in the candy shop, the Face Off quick flowering time and rotund, bracted bud structure tame all of the Lemon G’s beastly sativa tendencies. Increased stem strength from the Lemon G, yet with less leaf and more flowers. With bracted and fat podded resin covered calyxes from the Face Off, and that screaming loud Lemon of the mother, it’s sure to please all smokers with every palette, unless the dankest citrus on the market, ain’t your thing.

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Dixie Citrus Blast – 200mg

Blasting with juicy citrus flavors, we (and others) think this award-winning sativa-dominant gummy is the best tasting gummy around. Enjoy before a concert, barbecue, or anytime you’re looking for a truly tasty and consistently-dosed edible.

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Local Cannabis Co. Ice Cream Cake

Wedding Cake x Gelato #33

Ice Cream Cake, much like real ice cream cakes, is a near-perfect mix of all the things you want: heavy trich coverage, a vanilla ‘cake’ sweetness, and OG undernotes. Like real ice cream cake, after consuming, expect to want to crawl into bed for a nice nap.

Primary Terpenes:

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AMAZE Cannabis King Dos OG


A royally unique, complex profile of lime, spices, and classic OG flavors lead to well-rounded effects.

Genetics: Louis XIII x Dosido

Notes: Lime, Spice, Pine

Effects: Relaxation, Pain Relief, Mood Elevation

Each harvest is carefully scored using our stringent 50 points system for classifying our Amaze vs Nugz line up. This batch is destined to be in a glass jar to showcase its premium quality.

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Field Trip Baby Banner

Lineage: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel. Effects: Medical: Helps with pain, migraines, fatigue, bipolar disorder, ADHD, arthritis and depression. Effects: Other: Initial hard-hitting body high mellows into a creative euphoria.

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Wana 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade – 100mg

Notes of bright citrus balanced with lush strawberry undertones are what stand out about Wana Strawberry Lemonade Sour Gummies. Handcrafted with all natural, vegan and gluten free ingredients, the gummies are infused during the cooking process with CBD and THC terpene-enhanced distillate. This popular 1:1 ratio offers psychoactive effects while promoting relaxation and tranquility.

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Keef Pineapple X-Press – 25mg Soda

Be on island time with this sweet and tangy pineapple soda. All Classic Sodas are caffeine free.

Infused with rotating Hybrid strains.

– 25 mg THC per can

– New resealable can

– Infused with CO2 extracted distillate

– Fully emulsified with rapid uptake

– Gluten-Free | Vegan

– Shelf-stable with 6 month expiration

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