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C4 Pharms (Carroll County Cannabis Co) Jet Fuel Pie

Jet Fuel Pie is a tasty Indica strain that delivers a sweet and soothing body stone with a lifted cerebral effect. It helps lessen symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood swings as the body releases tension. It has sweet flavors of diesel fuel and sweet pine. This strain comes from a cross between Wedding Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato. This Indica is a great way to finish off a long day with a rush of happy thoughts and feelings.

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C4 Pharms (Carroll County Cannabis Co) Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express produces long-lasting energetic effects that you can feel right away. Pineapple Express is 18% THC and may make you feel buzzy, alert, and creative. The best time to smoke Pineapple Express is in the morning, afternoon, or early evening hours. In terms of flavor, this strain packs a punch to your pallet with bright citrus notes infused with pineapple and earthy pine. Medical marijuana patients choose Pineapple Express to relieve symptoms associated with depression, pain, and fatigue. According to growers, this strain will flower into dense curly buds with dark green foliage and firey amber hairs.

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C4 Pharms (Carroll County Cannabis Co) Bubba Fett

About: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Lineage: Bubba Kush x Stardawg

Reported Effects: relaxed, sleepy,
euphoric, mood enhancing, powerful

Reported Flavors: earthy, herbal, sour
berry, hints of mint

Best for patients that are seeking a
nighttime or high pain level solution due
to the extremely sedating effects

WARNINGS: Stock the snack cabinets
and be prepared for couchlock; this is
not a good strain for beginning patients.

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The Happiest Hour Curb- Terpene Shot – 2oz

Are munchies a problem for you? Curb might be the solution! Sugar-free blueberry lemon with a blend of terpenes that can help suppress your appetite. Drink anytime you need support to help stop a snack attack.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Sodium Hexametaphosphate (As Preservative), Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate (As Preservatives), Sucralose, Glyceryl Abietate, and Salt.

If you’re pregnant, nursing, or regularly taking any medications, please consult with your doctor prior to use.

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The Happiest Hour Wake – Terpene Shot – 2oz

100mg of caffeine with an uplifting blend of terpenes for increased focus and good energy without the jitters. ?

Drink our uplifting energy shot alone or up to 20 minutes before partaking to wake up.

Terpene Blend: a-Pinene, Linalool, Terpinolene, and Caryophyllene.

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The Happiest Hour Sleep – Terpene Shot – 2oz

Having trouble sleeping? With our tasty orange cinnamon shot infused with a sedating and relaxing blend of terpenes, deep Zzzs are on the horizon.

Drink our Sleep shots up to 20 minutes before you partake in your favorite pastime 😉 for some much needed sleep.

Don’t partake? That’s ok! You can still benefit! Take up to 20 minutes before you tuck yourself in, say goodnight to the people you love, and get some deep Zzzs.

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The Happiest Hour Mend – Terpene Shot – 2oz

Your healing friend. Ginger turmeric clove infused with an alleviating blend of terpenes to support you and your recovery.

Pair it with your best bud for best results. Take up to 20 minutes before you partake or drink it alone anytime you need extra support.

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