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Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover Cannabis refuses to compromise on quality and consistency. Only the finest flower makes it out of their cultivation center and into the hands of their customers. Cloud Cover’s state-of-the-art cultivation center features the most innovative and sophisticated technology and equipment.

Cloud Cover’s team of seasoned experts nurtures each plant by hand, designing a customized nutrient and care program to ensure maximum quality and potency. A closely managed production schedule ensures strains are always available for their retail partners and provides for reliable quality of all Cloud Cover varieties throughout the year.

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Vlasic Labs

Vlasic Labs is a Michigan-based company focused on plant-based wellness, hemp products, and their many therapeutic compounds. They are state-licensed to process, handle, and market hemp and are federally compliant pursuant to the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.
With a multi-generational history of building successful businesses in the United States, Vlasic Labs is the most trusted name in the hemp industry.
The Team
Founded by father and son, Rick and Willy, family is at the heart of Vlasic Labs. Every member of the team is a part of the family, which has helped Vlasic Labs grow from an idea to a top-notch research and development facility.

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Hermit’s Delight

At Hermit’s Delight, deep within the enchanted forests of Waynesville, MO, our commitment is to artfully blend ancient traditions with cutting-edge cultivation to produce the finest cannabis. Through the magic of our state-of-the-art grow facilities, we employ supplemental LED lighting and automated light deprivation technology to harness the timeless energies of the earth. Our climate-controlled greenhouses are sanctuaries where crops flourish year-round, supported by precise HVACD systems, responsive roof vents, and meticulous irrigation. Each leaf and bud is a testament to our dedication to quality and craftsmanship, reflecting the mystical spirit of the Ozarks in every product. Here, where ancient wisdom meets modern science, we invite you to experience the sublime wonder of Hermit’s Delight.

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Entourage believes that next-level moments don’t just happen—they’re crafted. And that blending the best traits of the plant together makes for a more harmonious experience and a better cartridge.

Their expert extractionists use a proprietary extraction method to pick and choose rich terpenes with distinct characteristics. Like the members of your crew, each terpene brings its own unique personality to the mix to create an ensemble of extraordinary that just hits different.

Whether you’re at the club or on the couch, Entourage keeps the good times in your back pocket.

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The Standard

Our premium, precision offerings that showcase the power of the plant in a variety of forms. From salves to concentrates, The Standard line is made for patients that want the best from their medicine. From our inputs to our packaging, no detail is insignificant and patient experience is our focus.

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Cheeba Chews®

Baking trust into the edible experience.

At Cheeba Chews, every milligram matters™. We hand mix our taffy in small batches and use a multi-spectrum approach to product infusion so you get the most out of every dose.

Chews Wisely®

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Sinse Cannabis

Sinse cannabis begin with premium flower. Our flower is meticulously cared for from seed to cure. Every bag of Sinse begins with our process of cultivating each strain for specific phenotypes to achieve the terpenes and traits we want. This is followed by an intensely scheduled veg and flower cycle and our proprietary low and slow methods of drying and curing, giving us a tremendous amount of influence over our final product.

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