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Ooze makes the best vaporizer pen on the market. Offering the best vaporizer pens, portable vaporizers, vaporizer batteries and vaporizer accessories.

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Refine is focused on top of the line hash oil product extracted from high quality source material. Extraction must meet specific criteria in terms of aroma, flavor, appearance, and effect before it goes to market. Products include :

Only dried, cured, meticulously handled cannabis grown from award winning genetics by the areas best producers goes into our flagship product, Loud Resin. Aroma, appearance, consistency, effect and flavor all must meet the highest standards to make it under the signature blue lid

One of Refine Seattle’s most diverse offerings.
Combining naturally derived cannabis terpenes with Loud Resin, the Amplified label brings a range of complex flavor profiles that are unique and limitless. Savor the complimentary flavors, and prepare to be surprised by new combinations of your favorite strains and delicious natural terpenes.

Begins with freshly harvested, frozen, whole-plant material. It is then processed in an extremely cold environment, creating a unique floral flavor profile.

When you can’t decide. Go for best of both worlds. We take our flagship Refine Loud Resin™ and drizzle it with Refine Activated Distillate (aka R.A.D.) giving our Double Dipper the perfect one-two punch.

Everything wonderful about Refine Loud Resin, with the flexibility of a vapor cartridge.
This mobile and refillable means of consumption allows you to partake in the same quality products you do at home base, wherever you go.

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MarQaha means bliss: Bringing you closer to finding, achieving and maintaining the Plant’s purpose in your life and the close connection that comes through this relationship.
MarQaha’s specialty is the creation of different ingestible forms that harnesses the power of nature.
Hands on, small-batched perfection. This is a delicate balance of hands-on production and verified lab results to confirm the consistency of each crafted batch. This is slow, deliberate perfection.

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Midwest Magic

Born from a love of cannabis & raised in the Ozark Highlands.
As a patient-minded company, providing access to top-quality products and educational resources is at the forefront of everything they do. Midwest Magic’s goal is to bring a higher level of cannabis education to the patients of Missouri, enabling them to make more informed decisions and choose products that are best suited for their needs.
They believe strongly in a full plant approach to healing. By choosing plant material for its terpene and cannabinoid content and using a proprietary solvent extraction method that allows them to maintain high levels of plant integrity, they’re able to create products that leave patients wondering if it’s actually magic.
To support the medical side, Midwest Magic offers a range of hemp-derived products featuring minor cannabinoids, like CBG and CBN. Their intent is to give patients more control over their experience and health, as well as introduce non-patients to the world of cannabis.

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